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These manuals were originally prepared and published by the Vibration Isolation and Seismic Control Manufacturers Association (VISCMA) under a cooperative agreement between the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

The purpose is to show equipment installers, mechanical contractors and engineers how to attach equipment to the building and hold it down to minimize earthquake damage. They identify and illustrate best practices for the proper installation of seismic restraints for mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment.

The 412 manual, now referred to as the VISCMA 412 Manual, was amended to address new product certifications and advancements in technology. The 413 and 414 manuals will also be updated.

The intended audience consists of crafts persons who normally perform this type of installation and inspectors who conduct quality control verification of such installations. Seismic restraint devices include combined seismic snubbing/vibration isolation systems, cable or strut suspension systems, roof attachment systems and steel shapes.

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