In the past, although the code specified some requirements for minor seismic restraint where my projects are located, the code officials frequently waived the requirement. Why have they suddenly become stubborn about waiving it on current and future projects? ANSWER: FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), is the agency responsible for relief when an “act of …

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My projects are located in areas that do not normally see earthquakes and I have not had to restrain equipment before. Why am I being asked to do so now? ANSWER: In reviewing seismic events on a worldwide basis, it has been found that a tremendous amount of damage has occurred as the result of …

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An air handling unit is isolated with internal springs, and the fan discharge inside the AHU is flex connected to the AHU housing. The indoor AHU is floor mounted to a 6″ concrete housekeeping pad in the mechanical room on the ground or second floor of a two story building. Are flex connections required for …

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