Why should I use vibration isolators?


All mechanical and electrical equipment generates vibration. Even a small amount of vibration energy traveling through the structure can:

  • Create unacceptable noise levels in commercial buildings, schools, auditoriums, etc. For example, government standards now require quieter environments for school children to enhance learning.
  • Affect sensitive equipment such as in hospitals, laboratories and high tech manufacturing facilities.
  • Lead to damage to the equipment or the structure.

Vibration isolation, installed during construction, will minimize the energy transmitted to the structure and provide an economical solution that leads to better and quieter environments.

Generally, most HVAC, electrical and plumbing equipment can develop disturbing noise and vibrations. Properly selecting an isolation system will minimize direct disturbances to occupants. Indirectly, vibration energy allowed to flow unchecked can travel throughout the structure and reappear unpredicted anywhere in the form of disturbing noise or vibrations. A properly written specification isolating all potentially disturbing equipment and line systems is the best insurance policy for an owner.

Additionally, sensitive equipment can be adversely affected when located near potentially disturbing equipment. Some examples are:

  • Equipment within chip manufacturing facilities
  • Hospital or health related equipment
  • Research facility equipment

Cost to the owner is minimized when potential problems are addressed in the design stage by the dedicated professionals in the field of noise and vibration control. VISCMA was established to ensure industry standards of manufacturer specified products to meet the demands of specifying engineers and acoustical consultants.